**strong text**Fangaz the pioneer in natural gas production equipment in our country, as a result of the success and provides superior performance in the industry today continues its success story which was written by the well-known manufacturers in the Middle East property market. Founded in 2004 to produce natural gas equipment, our company has developed very fast in the time chart recording of regulator the natural gas production also performing its own. which appeals to all of the natural gas equipment industry has had a very wide range of products. Fangaz acting with the motto to provide the right service from the starting line to the finish line, has become a respected international brand aims to bring high-quality products with the brand Fangaz nations that have offered and 10 years experience. by knowledge and experience with the teammates, it continues to manufacture using the latest technological developments to suitable machines and methods. National and international surveillance audit firms periodically made clear that the results of the ISO, TSE, the quality certificates such as CE and Fangaz brand is an expression of the confidence shown in the product. Products are tested at each stage of production and in particular during the last checks by using modern testing equipment and delivered to the customer of high quality goods.

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